Rain's Rust CLI recommendations

This living document comprises my recommendations for how to organize and manage Rust CLI applications.

In this document, I cover some tips and best practices for writing Rust applications, informed by my experience writing real-world Rust tools. I've focused on command-line tools here, but many of the suggestions can be generalized to graphical and server applications as well. I hope you find them useful for your own applications.

If you haven't gone through the Rust CLI Book yet, I'd recommend reading it first. That book provides a lot of useful information about how to write command-line apps in Rust. This document covers some more advanced material and is more opinionated overall.


This document is hosted online at https://rust-cli-recommendations.sunshowers.io. The source is hosted on GitHub.

This document is available offline by installing git and running the following command while online.

git clone https://github.com/sunshowers-code/rust-cli-recommendations --branch gh-pages

then pointing your web browser at rust-cli-recommendations/index.html.

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